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in collecting sportscards.

The Book

Drawing the Right Card is a no BS approach to card collecting. Written by a life-long collector of cards, this honest and straightforward book shows the true meaning of the popular hobby. Learn how to build a great collection based on proven principles and practical tips. Feel ignited with powerful collecting knowledge. Discover who you are, what is important to you, and what you really love about collecting.

Through the lens of his experiences, his love, and his success in collecting basketball cards, Ziad Zammar explains why building relationships with other people is crucial and shares his hands-on experience in the matter. But more than that, he spells out how to build a far more significant relationship — one with yourself.

Drawing the Right Card provides a 360-degree perspective on the hobby you are starting, which will give you full control over the process. It is a comprehensive and efficient tool to create simplicity in collecting, find meaning in life, and forge many happy relationships. A must-read for anyone before they consider collecting.

The Author

Ziad Zammar is a fulfilled collector specializing in basketball cards. After years of collecting, he is on a mission to share what he has learnt about the hobby and most importantly, what he has learnt thanks to the hobby.

As a kid, he was looking for something to give him self-confidence, inspiration, and guidance. He found all of this in card collecting and is now happy to tell the story of his journey to anyone interested in getting into the hobby. He knows from experience that money is never the measure of success but merely one by-product of true success. Building the right outlook and actively improving his positive mindset keeps him successful.

Why Do
We Collect Cards?

Have you ever asked yourself this simple question — why? And if so, have you ever had enough courage to be honest with yourself about it? Drawing the Right Card dives into the world of collecting cardboard. It is not about what to collect, or even how to collect — it is a book that will challenge you to understand the feeling you are chasing through collecting.

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